Guest Book for Francie Yvonne (Burnett) Terney

Provided by Burns Mortuary of Pendleton

Posted by: Cindy Davenport Arnold
Sat December 08, 2018
I am so sorry for your loss, LeRoy. I am thinking about you and your family at this difficult time.

Posted by: Ruth Fenton
Mon December 10, 2018
The world has lost a funny, unique, big-hearted free spirit.  So sorry.

Posted by: Mykael
Mon December 31, 2018
Dear Family of Francis,

I am a volunteer in the area. I focus on spiritual education and comfort. I write in hopes to sharing a comforting hope with you.

I was touched to see that Francis and my mother were actually born the same day, 2 years apart. I am very sorry for your loss.

Something that brings many comfort with loss is the hope at Revelation 21:4. It promises a time when there will be no more tears from suffering and even death will be a thing of the past. Hard to imagine, but beautiful. To think of seeing those we love again, alive and well, is amazing. Just as Jesus demonstrated resurrections in the past, as with his friend Lazarus in John chapter 11, we will see resurrections in the future. We know it can be done because with power from his father above Jesus did it before.

The scriptures indicate we are close to that time. Until then, please allow the promises from the scriptures to strengthen you. And knowledge that God does see your pain and will do something about it to give you courage. Psalm 56:8