Guest Book for Tom Waterland

Provided by Burns Mortuary of Pendleton

Posted by: Marge Normington-Jones
Fri December 29, 2017
To Judi and all the Waterland family,

I send my sincere condolences to you all. Tom and I were building reps for the Pendleton Association of Teachers and so attended many meetings, his sense of humor and his common sense were always welcome and helped resolve several situations.  I am happy that in the last few years I visited with Tom for a bit whenever I went out to see Judi and Jim.

It is hard to say goodbye to those we love and my heart goes out to you. Know that Tom is at peace, free from pain and now forever happy. May your many happy memories of your Dad, grandpa, brother, uncle and friend ease your pain. God bless you all.

Posted by: Jim hanson
Sat December 30, 2017
I worked with your father while posted to the Milton-Freewater state police post in the seventies and through the nineties. He was a man,of integrity and I was glad to have assistance on many occasions. God speed Tom Waterland !  

Jim Hanson
Oregon state police Ret.

Posted by: Tina Stinson
Sat December 30, 2017
Mr Waterland was a teacher of mine and a very much loved one at that!  I was not the best kid to get along with, but he had just the right amount of patience to put up with me!  He touched many many hearts in his time on earth!

I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss to the community.  I am no longer in the Pendleton area or I would be there for the service and to express my condolences in person.  Please take care of yourselves and family in the upcoming years!

Posted by: Douglas Nash
Sun December 31, 2017
I always admired Tom's capacity and dedication to work two full-time jobs. He contributed hugely to the community in both of his positions over the years.  Condolences to his family.

Posted by: Fred Hodgen
Sun December 31, 2017
🙏R.I.P. 🙏 Tom your watch is over and you will be greatly missed by all! Tom was a life long friend and always treated me with respect and his great humor and a few thumpings in school that I’d always remind him of and we’d get a big laugh out of that together!! Tom was an outstanding policeman and just a good guy who treated us all very very well!!
RIP Brother

Posted by: Shawna Weiss
Sun December 31, 2017
Dear Waterland Family,

I can't think of my school years without thinking about your father, my 7th grade teacher at John Murray Jr. High. It was his first year there as well as mine.  He made a bet that he would buy a milkshake for the student he couldn't remember their name at the end of the first week of school. Well, it so happen to be me! (There may have been others in other classes though) I had a fondness of him ever sense.  He was funny and such a nice teacher.  
I will never forget him and all that he taught as a friend, mentor and teacher.  

God bless you all.
Shawna Weiss

Posted by: Mike McCullough
Sun December 31, 2017
I was a criminal division sergeant with OSP in Pendleton back in the 90's.  I had the opportunity to work with Tom on many major crime team cases, including about 10 homicides as I recall.  I always admired Tom's easy going approach and the way he communicated with folks, good guys and bad guys.  He was a teacher even in police work. And he was a humorist.  The only thing I wondered then and I still wonder now, is how tolerant he was of his students who handed in late homework.  I swear to this day, there are probably a few folks who he arrested, who served their sentences, completed their paroles and probably still are waiting for a Tom Waterland police report.  :)  

My sincere condolences to all of your family.  He will be missed.  But Heaven isn't that far away.  In fact I can picture it right now, that Tom probably hasn't experienced all of Heaven yet, as he's probably standing just inside the Pearly Gate shooting the breeze with St Peter.  In fact , I can picture St Peter feeling comfortable enough to take a coffee break, giving the Keys to Tom to stand watch over the Gate.  When our turns come to cross over to the Other Side, if we experience a log jam at the Pearly Gates, its going to be because Tom lost the dang keys!.  :)

God Bless you All and God Bless you Tom.

Posted by: Stephanie Starliper
Sun December 31, 2017
RIP Dearest Tom.
When I was very young Tom was an officer that would come to our home when things where rough. He always would make all of us kids smile and assure us that everything would be ok. Most of my childhood was wrapped around Tom and his willingness to help all of us get back to what was normal. Such a beautiful and loving man he was. God gained a precious angel. You will forever be in my heart Tom. God blessed me having you in my life. Blessings and prayers to your family and friends.

Posted by: Tammy Fernalld Gambill
Sun December 31, 2017
Mr. Waterland was a great Teacher sorry for your loss Michelle

Posted by: Jean O'Neill (Albrich)
Mon January 01, 2018
Dear Family,
I am so saddened to hear of Tom's passing. I was honored to be his supervisor for eleven years at PJHS. Tom was not only an absolute professional but an extremely dedeicated teacher to ALL students that came into his classroom. He was teacher who didn't seek glory or reward, but reached out to high and low ability youngsters with a mission of making them feel as if their life and studies were worth the try and success each one deserved. His classroom was one of  high expectations and complete compassion for all. Everyone could succeed ,  but they had to learn even if it took a bit longer for some.  I have to chuckle about Tom in my memory about lesson plans. I had 54 teachers plus other staff to evaluate and I required to see their plans every Friday night before the staff departed the building. ( Much to some staff's disagreement) when Tom dropped his plans on my desk before he left for his 'badge' job he always would say I hope they are took me at least a half hour to go through them! So many notes in grammar needed and specific  students to be aware of if in case I came in. . His humor was so fine. In the corner of the plan often would say ,' I have to write up some reports if I don 't get to all of this. I am a bit behind , but not on these plans'.Suffice to say Officer Tom Waterland was always in duty but Teacher Tom Waterland was always on duty as an excellent educator in his field. I personally will miss him on both watches. He was my friend as well and my respect for him is reflected by many students and public officials. God Bless Tom Waterland. Honest gentleman of the classroom and road 🍀🍀

Posted by: Tom Blaine
Mon January 01, 2018
To The Family of Tom Waterland

Yes I to went John Murray Jr. HS  I was one that road my bike with Baskets
on it with my Violin. I can almost remember most of my teachers names
They were all Great. Tom as I remember him well as having to do with Teaching me Archery.
That being said my sport today is bass fishing,. I will say that Tom taught us  all to have patience and an eye on your target.
God Bless

Tom Blaine 1975 PHS Grad.

Posted by: luther waterland
Tue January 02, 2018
Tom was my half brother,Our father died before I was even born so he was a lot older than I am.Wedid not spend a lot of time together but it was enjoyable when we did.He had avery unique sense of humor and a great laugh. He told many of the same stories that Judi related about time in Montana.He was a great story teller.The one she didn t tell was when the little kids got into dads wine and became very intoxicated.They were geting into all kinds of trouble so Tom went out to the field where dad was.When a neighbor came by to report on the kids Tom said he didnt know anything about what was going on.Maybe one of the few times he didnt quite tell the truth.He was a good man and will be missed.

Posted by: Sandi Collins
Tue January 02, 2018
When mom, Fern Levno, and Tom, finally reconnected, it was pure joy for both of them. Our first trip to Hemiston for them to see each other after so many years was like watching two high school kids. I loved hearing the excitement in her voice all the way there. We had checked into the hotel and then the knock at the door. When I opened it up there stood this tall handsome man with the biggest smile on his face. His first words to me were, I have never stopped loving your mother and reached to give her a big hug.
They had almost 9 years together. When mom passed away, he layed next to her bed for 4 days holding hand and talking to her.
I will miss hearing your stories and laughing with you about them. I will miss our visits when I came to see you and when you would come and stay with us in the summer. I will miss you but am glad your resting and walking with our Father.

Posted by: Corie Austin
Wed January 03, 2018
I didn't personal know tom. I am sorry for the waterland's loss.

Posted by: Elden Alexander
Thu January 04, 2018
A caring kind man and a very good representative for law enforcement. Tom definitely had a way of seeing the positive side of things. He was respected by both the good and the bad. The only Deputy I know who could patrol the hard partying Warehouse Beach area with out a partner. Tom’s Grandson Ryan Fullerton is my Son-In-Law. I got to visit with Tom at Ryan’s dads funeral this past summer. Tom still had the smile, was frail but as sharp minded as ever. He was always a joy to be around and could make the difficult job of law enforcement a little easier. He really did see the good in people first. He was the first to chuckle at some of the stories he’d tell on himself. Glad I got to know him...His legacy will live on.  Rest In Peace Tom. I Thessalonians 4:13-18

Posted by: Steven Fogelson
Thu January 04, 2018
I was a deputy district attorney in Umatilla County and worked with Tom regularly.  Tom loved being a deputy sheriff.  He cared deeply about the safety of the community and especially  about children.  He was meticulous about his cases and the results.  He was an old style police officer in that he was more interested in fairness and not just statistics.  He urged giving breaks where justice required and maximum penalty when needed.  Personally he was a great human being, friendly, caring, and loved being with people.  He was an inspiration to everyone that knew him.  There will likely never be another like him.  Rest in peace Tom Waterland.  Bless you.

Posted by: Lora Franks
Thu January 04, 2018
I am so sorry to hear of Tom's passing.  He was one of my teachers in Jr. High and I was lucky enough to work with him at the Sheriff's Office before his retirement in 2003.  I will always remember his smile and easy going attitude, and truly appreciate everything he brought to our community.

Posted by: Jim Littlefield
Thu January 04, 2018
On behalf of the current staff at the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office, we send our deepest sympathies to Deputy Tom Waterland's family and his many friends. Tom will always be known and remembered as a legendary law enforcement officer, and a fine person.

We still talk about him from time to time, and he still puts smiles on our faces :-)

Thanks for your service Tom!!

Posted by: Denise Medlock
Thu January 04, 2018

ELEGANCE AND SIMPLICITY STANDING SPRAY was sent by Denise ans Bill Medlock.

You were a great friend to us Tom you will be greatly missed see you on the other side my friend. Bill and Denise Medlock


Posted by: Jorge De Anda
Fri January 05, 2018
To The Family of Tom Waterland,

I would like to express my deepest condolences to your family. I remember Tom as one of the first people that accepted my father, Manuel Gutierrez, as a colleague and friend. I remember the two working late into the night (many nights) serving the people of Umatilla County. Even as a teenager, I always viewed Tom as an honorable man and I always found most interesting was that he never carried a side arm while on duty. Reading the obituary, I was not surprised to see that his life was full of examples of where he spent countless hours in the service of others. He will be deeply missed.

Posted by: Carey Werhan
Fri January 05, 2018
Mr. Waterland was one of my teachers in junior high and my favorite teacher. He truly cared about all of the students and was always there to listen, or help, if he could. My sincere condolences to his family. Thank you for sharing your memories.

Posted by: Bill Miller
Fri January 05, 2018
No one can forget Tom.  I started as a Reserve Deputy with UCSO in 1981.  At that time Sheriff Carey told Tom he could not work both as a full time Deputy and also Teach full time.  So Tom chose teaching, but work for the SO in the summers until retirement.  Then getting paid for the Corp job but volunteering for everything else.
I considered him the "Colombo" of our department.  He "trip" over a dead body at Cold Springs, he got confessions from harden offenders.  

Tom worked at the Round-Up and Happy Canyon events for years, we had to put him up with "Patient" partners who understood that it might take Tom 2 hours to walk around the Round-Up grounds because he talked to so many people.

Lillian, our civil Sergeant, didn't like riding home with Tom, after Happy Canyon events, because he almost always ran into some activity the delayed the trip.  She lived on Bailey and Main, really a short trip.

In the 80's young people use to walk up to a Sheriff Deputy and ask if we knew Tom, then they would say "he taught me in school".  Later on we would get the same question and then they would say Tom had taught their parents in school.  THEN it got to the grand children.  I think with was a "GREAT" Testament to Tom and his way of dealing with people.

Tom you have been miss since your retirement  for you abilities and for the humorous incidents you got into.

Posted by: Sherry Goodnight Hamlin
Fri January 05, 2018
I'msure you'll find a job in Heaven Tom.  You will be so missed here on earth. R.I.P. my friend

Posted by: Jennifer Williams
Sun January 07, 2018
What I remember the most about Grandpa Waterland was his sense of humor! He loved to tease us! He had the best laugh! I loved being in his English class. He made it fun. I did not get special treatment tho. I would sneak in gum a lot. He would say girl in the front row spit out your gum! I’ll never forget when he was caught off guard by a student and started to say BS but turned it into bullshitsky. We talked about that forever. He was a genuinely nice good guy. I’m happy we got to grow up with him for our Grandpa. He accepted me and my sister as his own Grandkids. He didn’t treat us any differently. Rest In Peace Grandpa Waterland. Love Jen

Posted by: Janie Boho
Sun January 07, 2018
So as my sister was saying about no favoritism in his class... I on the other hand got a little. Now I say that lightly, no I still did my homework etc.  He always told me I was a great kid and no ones perfect, don’t give up on your self.  Even when I let my Brother Ryan take illegal fireworks and burn down part of the medical center... Oh boy! With that said Grandpa Waterland was a HUGE part of my childhood and young adulthood.  He always said to me “Well Janie what ya think”. Most always that’s how he would start a conversation with me.  So many memories.., hard to tell them all.  What I can tell you,  he never gave up on anything or anyone.  As my family and close friends can contest to, I went through some rough times. Nothing I could do or say would make Grandpa Waterland give up on me or supporting me.  I will forever be grateful to such a wonderful mentor, coach, friend and Grandfather.  Forever and always in memory and heart.

Posted by: Glen Baxter
Tue January 23, 2018
My sincere condolence to Tom Waterland family. I had alots of great memories working with Tom. There not a better teacher or Deputy then Tom. I know Tom is keeping the peace in heven . I wish we had more people like Tom.RIP