Guest Book for Dan Brehaut

Provided by Burns Mortuary of Pendleton

Posted by: Jane Carroll
Tue March 28, 2017
We are here to say goodbye to a very important man.  Not one who had a lot of money or invented anything life changing.  His passing didn’t make the entertainment news.    This was a man who was important for the love that he gave to the people around him.  
We are here together on this day to remember the life, both temporal and eternal of one whom we loved so dearly.  As brother, husband, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin and friend, Danny has lived in our hearts and will live there forever.
We release what was to make room for what shall be, since we know that life doesn’t really end, it just changes.  We may be saying goodbye to the physical focus on our relationships with Danny, but we know that love never dies.  Dan died because his body had served its purpose.  His soul has done what it came to do, learned what it needed to learn, and then was free to leave.  He will live forever in God’s mind and in ours.
Today’s service is twofold: We are here to release what has been, the very human life and earthly love for this man, our shared stories and histories.  And we open our hearts today to know a new relationship is reborn through the grace of God.
There is no detour around grief, no short cut through mourning.  Grief is universal and at the same time extremely personal.  We all heal in our own way.  It is my hope that today helps the process a bit.
We are here not to dwell on the death, but celebrate the life of Danny.  
Danny was a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin and friend to so many.  He was married to Carol for 54 years.    We should all feel honored to have known people who loved each other so much, who must have stuck it out through some hard times, but remained each other’s closest friends and confidants.  
Carol, I know you feel like you will never be the same, and indeed you will not.  Sorrow can allow us to stretch our hearts to let more light in.  The bond you have with Danny is forever, and nothing can change that.  I see Danny as an angel on your shoulder now.  He will watch over you and protect you and send you love and light.  There are so many more ways to know people than just by what we can see and hear.  May your heart and eyes stay open and welcome what he sends you.  Danny has gone ahead to prepare a heavenly home where you both will live when the time is right.    Until the day you are together again, stay strong and love your family.  Know how much you are loved.  God is with you.  The road ahead is not dark but light.  With every breath he took he loved you, and loves you still.
Danny and Carol had 5 children, Steven, Mark, who passed away as an infant, Sandy, and twins, David and Chris. He had 5 beloved grandchildren, 2 of whom are newly married, and there is a great grandchild on the way!  To Danny’s children and grandchild, I think everyone joins me in saying: If we could have done anything to keep your father and grandfather with you, we would have.  It is all of our deepest sorrow that he is not here now.  May you remember throughout your lives that your father and grandfather was a good man, and his spirit will be with you forever.  You will also have an angel who watches over you and a force of love that will always protect you.  Be the best you can be in honor of him, and always remember how much you were and are loved.  
When I think of Danny, the first words that pop into my mind are” outdoor boy”   Danny seemed happiest outside, fishing, hunting, and camping for many years.  
Let’s pray
We see in the middle of our minds a little ball of golden light.  We watch as this light grows until it covers the entire vision of our minds.  We see within this light a beautiful temple.  There is a garden surrounding this temple and a body of water that flows through the garden.
The inside of this temple is lit by the same golden light.  We are here, for we have been brought together by the power and in the presence of God.  We see God’s most beautiful angels in the center of the light.
And now we see the soul of Dan, our husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin and friend relax into the arms of God.
We see a golden cord that connects him to all of us, our hearts now and forever tied to his.  We watch the angel tie this cord to all of our hearts.  And now we commune with the spirit of Danny.  Let us say to him what we need to say and hear from him what we need to hear.  
Please take his soul and spirit into the sweetest corner of your heart, the tenderest place in your mind, that he and all of us might be comforted.
Help us to remember that although he has gone he has not gone far. He remains with us.  The cord that binds us cannot be broken, surely not by death.
Danny, we love you.  We thank you for all you have been to us.  We release you to God that your journey ahead be glorious and sweet.
Dear God, please take Danny.  Dear God, please take our pain.  Thank you for loving us.  We love you.
I borrowed this story from Henry Van Dyke, and changed it to hopefully be more meaningful to all of us.  
I see us all who loved Danny standing at the Oregon seashore on a clear sunny day.  A ship near us spreads its white sails in the morning breeze and sets out for the open ocean.  The ship is truly beautiful and her strength and ability are obvious to all who watch.  Catching the wind, she sails out to sea until she is just a speck where the sea and sky come down to mingle together.    Someone in our group says quietly, “There she goes”.
Gone where?  Gone from our sight, that is all.
That amazing ship is still just as large and wonderful as she was when she left us.  She still has the same tall masts, the same hull and rudders.  She is still just as able to carry goods or people to their place of destination.
The fact that she seems smaller and then invisible is in me, not her.  How lucky I feel to have known someone who is so hard to say goodbye to.
So believe in your hearts, and know it to be true.  Just the moment when someone on our side of the shore said, “There she goes”, there are other hearts and eyes watching her coming.  I can feel all of Danny’s dearly departed others on the other shore gladly shouting, “Here she comes!”
As Dr. Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
Love never dies, and certainly death does not end what we feel.  We will carry that love with us always, sharing it with people who were lucky enough to know Danny

Posted by: Elaine Lambert
Fri March 31, 2017
I wanted to express my heartfelt condolences to Danny's family. There's such a sense of helplessness when someone we love dies. I'd like to share some scriptural thoughts that really helps me. Prayer is so valuable at this time but it's not that prayer simply makes us feel better. 2 Cor.4:7 says that God can give us, "... power beyond what is normal ", to go from one day to the next. This does not mean that we no longer cry or that we forget, but it means we recover. The reason we recover is because of our hope. Jesus Christ talked about our hope in John 5:28, ".. all those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out ". Jesus was referring to the resurrection, this is our amazing hope!  2 Cor.1:3 describes our Creator as, "... the God of all comfort ". One way that God comforts us is by moving people who care about us to give us words of encouragement that we need to hear. May the God of comfort (Ps.83:18) be your comfort now during this time of sorrow.