Guest Book for Paul Ivan Hepworth

Provided by Burns Mortuary of Pendleton

Posted by: Jerikka Stoel
Tue August 10, 2010
When mom told me that me that you passed away i didnt want to believe it, she just talked to a couple days before you passed away. I miss you so much i wish i could have seen you one last time i would do anything to have you back. your in a better place now lookin over us i'll always be thinking of you. Love your niece Jerikka R.I.P Uncle Paul You May be gone But you'll never be forgotten

Posted by: Your Big Sis
Tue August 10, 2010
My dear brother, I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved you or how much you meant to me, but I am sure you a way I envy got to see mama and everyone else first...give them hugs from all of us. I am sooooo proud of the professional way you handled your rig and kept your word to your buddy to your last breath. It was so like you to put everyone elses safety first. I will love you to my last breath. You were one of a kind and you will be sorely missed. R.I.P my dear Brother.

Posted by: Serafin Lara
Tue August 10, 2010
I met Paul when on a road test for Granite Northwest and we became friends. I knew him to be a generous big hearted man with a sense of humor. He spoke fondly of his family, daughter and neice and did not want to give up his Mexican eatin' dog. He wanted so much to go to Alaska with me the next time I went and I'm sorry we didn't get the chance. I'll miss him very much, being new here in Washington, he was practically my only friend. It was just like him to bring his rig to a stop safely, thinking of others in his final moments, may God be with you, Paul.

Posted by: Joseph D. & Becky Hapka
Wed August 11, 2010
Paul was my best friend, he will be missed dearly, but we know we will meet again. We will never forget the time he played King of the Hill with our boys. God Bless

Posted by: Josh Hapka
Wed August 11, 2010
well paul waht can i say you where a very good guy I loved it when you called and we talked, so sorry we never got to hang out one last time, you will be missed.

Posted by: Christopher D. Hapka
Wed August 11, 2010
i will miss you so much. Love you.

Posted by: isaiah hapka
Wed August 11, 2010
hey uncle paul... ill miss you so much.... i couldnt wait till i can do another swan dive on you....i guess ill see you in the futer and ill do a swan dive that you wont ever forget... i love you bro... ill see you later.

Posted by: Tim Bradfield
Wed August 11, 2010
I miss Paul a lot.We were friends since 9th grade at Whitehall High School.Paul was always eager to talk and in the last several years we spent countless hours talking on the phone.Paul was a good guy and also a friend of Jesus,I know he is in a better place-the heavenly one spoken of at Hebrews 11:16. I'll see you there someday Paul.

Posted by: Billy Hepworth
Thu August 12, 2010
I will miss your Daily and weekly were such a part of my life.......God be with you,Brother

Posted by: Jennifer Stoel
Fri August 13, 2010
My dear Uncle Paul where do I begin? Much like my sister I have a hard time excepting that you are gone. I love you so much and will miss you dearly.

Posted by: Rhonda Price
Fri August 13, 2010
I will miss Paul a lot. I enjoyed keeping in touch with Paul. We had many long phone conversations. We also loved reminiscing about family and childhood memories. I'm also going to miss Paul's quirky sense of humor. He could always make me laugh.

Posted by: Uncle Bill & Aunt Marilyn
Fri August 13, 2010
We were sorry to here of Paul's passing. We will remember all the memories we had at the farm in Whitehall and at Grandma Glover's house. Will miss all the good times we had.

Posted by: Roger Stoel
Sat August 14, 2010
Paul - My family and I will deeply miss you. You loved my three children - Jennifer, Jeremy, and Jerikka very much and had a lot of fun with them over the years. I remember your place out in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana - what a wonderful view and a peaceful place this was. I also remember your love for Glacier National Park and the number of times you took your mother there. You were especially good to her and helped her get out of the house. Life is not always fair. It sometimes deals us some cruel blows and we have to deal with them. You did your best to overcome these obstacles and that heart issue you had. I would have been proud to have been riding down the road in that big rig with you on your numerous truck runs. Linda, I, and our children will all deeply miss you. Now that I am retired I was planning on visiting you out West. I will visit Glacier and in that manner will be able to remember both you and your moher. Love - Roger and family

Posted by: Steve & Cheryl Drumheller
Sat August 14, 2010
I will never forget the first time that I met Paul. It was at the Christian book store in Walla Walla. It was a very hard time in his life and somehow he ended up at our house and we ministered to him. I believe that God put him in our lives for a short while and I pray that we made a difference in his life. We will always remember him fondly. Love, in Christs precious name Steve & Cheryl

Posted by: phil heffley
Sun August 15, 2010
We will all miss you