Guest Book for David H. Baetkey

Provided by Burns Mortuary of Pendleton

Posted by: Susie Hall Nelson
Fri December 04, 2009
Mr. Beatkey was a wonderful teacher, my favorite actually. He inspired me to not settle for smaller things when I was capable of achieving much more. I have thought of him often and wish I would have been able to share where I ended up. Without knowing it, he had an impact on many important decisions I made later in life. I am now very blessed with a wonderful husband, 3 amazing children, a good job, and a nice home. I do give credit to Mr. Baetkey for influencing the way I think about things and for pressing me to challenge myself. I will be forever grateful. My heart goes out to you, his family. My thoughts are prayers are with you at this time.

Posted by: Alisa M. Bounds-Wade aka Boundsy
Sat December 05, 2009
Mr. Baetkey holds a special place in my heart. I first met him when I was a seventh grader at Pendleton Junior High. Mr. Baetkey gave me the nickname "Boundsy" and it stuck with him and me and every other student at PJHS and PHS along with every other student he gave a name to. That and his teaching style will stick with me for the rest of my life. I will never forget Mr. Baetkey and his teaching style or his love of V-neck sweaters. One of my favorite non learning memories of Mr. Baetkey was the day that he told my class he had NEVER had pizza, I think every one of us couldnt believe that there was someone out there that had NOT had pizza- for a seventh grader this was just outrageous!

Posted by: Carl Anderson
Sat December 05, 2009
Coming from a family of teachers, I have always held teachers in very high regard, especially the good ones. Mr. Baetkey was one of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege to be taught by, and I have been taught by many throughout college and beyond. I have done some teaching myself from time to time and Mr. Baetkey stood out as a role model to me. In any situation I was not sure how to handle, I would ask myself how Mr. Baetkey would handle it and go from there. His hopeful cynicism and dry wit not only made his classes enjoyable, but also challenged me to think and care in subtle yet profound ways. He lived upstairs from my grandmother for a while and I used to stop up and visit him from time to time well after I had graduated from high school. He always remained genuinely interested in what and how I and my classmates were doing and hoped we did well. He was an excellent teacher, and in my opinion a great man. He will be missed by me as I am sure he will be by many others. My condolences to his close friends and family. I am sorry you have had to experience such a loss.

Posted by: Shannon O'Rourke McClellan
Sat December 05, 2009
Mr. Baetkey, to me, was a gentleman and a scholar. He was an outstanding teacher and now that I have become one, I can look back and see exactly how extraordinary he was at bringing out the best in his students. My heart is sad that we have lost him but I feel extremely blessed to have had him as an instructor of AP Government. I've never encountered anyone who didn't think he was worth his weight in gold and I can only hope to achieve the level of dedication he established.

Posted by: Chuck James
Sat December 05, 2009
I have not seen Dave since our high school days at Parkrose. We were good friends then and I have thought of him often. I am proud to see the good thoughts by his former students. He must have been a great teacher. My most vivid memory of Dave was when we were about 15 and messing around in the living room of his parents house. I cannot remember why, but Dave took out a bottle of India Ink and was taking the lid off when the entire contents spilled on his carpet. He miraculously survived his mother's wrath.

Posted by: Chanda Windham-Cross
Sun December 06, 2009
Mr. Baetkey was my favorite teacher, and is fondly remembered. He took an uncaring-seventh-grader and helped form her into a responsible member of society by high school. His heartfelt care for his students made a difference, and his memory will carry on for years to come. God bless.

Posted by: Ray Wells
Mon December 07, 2009
I was in Mr. Baetkey's first period US history class, his first year in Pendleton. Since I got a nickname early on the first day of class, I guess I got his first student nickname in Pendleton. I was unfortunate to have missed out on his moving up to the high school. He was my favorite teacher at PJHS. I stopped in to visit him on trips home, from time to time, and he was always interested in what was going on in my life. It was probably easy to keep me inspired in history, but I saw him inspire others around me. I also know that he challenged my sister to achieve to her potential. He also was responsible for supervising my mother's teaching of special ed. government when she was a resource room teaching assistant, and was a strong mentor to her in that role. He will be missed!

Posted by: Dianne Barnes
Mon December 07, 2009
My condolences to Linda. David and I were colleagues at Pendleton Junior High and Pendleton High School for the years he taught in Pendleton. He was an excellent teacher and also a leader of both students and teachers. I learned a lot about teaching and the teaching profession from David--much of this by his modeling of work ethic and attitude.

Posted by: Matthew Barnes
Mon December 07, 2009
My condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr. Baetky. I was a student of his at Pendleton High School, and have many good memories of his class and teaching. One of my favorite teachers, he was inspiring and made the subject exciting. He is missed.

Posted by: Melodi Hawkins Krol
Mon December 07, 2009
I was one of the lucky students to have David 2 years. One in Jr. High and then again in High School. He was one of my FAVORITE teachers! I am calling him David...instead of Mr.Baetky because he refused to call me by my first name and instead called me by my middle name which was Opal. As he smacked his pointer onto my desk and called me Opal, I'll never forget the smile on his face. I then in turn surprised him by calling him David...the look on his face was PRICELESS! Then another student decided to try it too, he was quick to inform that student that the only student allowed to call him David was Opal. He touched my life as a teacher, and I will never forget what a truly GREAT guy he was! My deep condolences to his family! Sincerely, Melodi Hawkins Krol

Posted by: Tessa Teems
Mon December 07, 2009
I'm a very sorry for the loss of Mr. Baetkey. He was one of the most influential teachers I ever had. I graduated in 1993 and it felt like my class grew up with Mr. Baetkey as he taught us in 7,8, and 9 grade and again as seniors. He was tough but fair. To those he leaves behind, you are in my thoughts during this difficult time.

Posted by: Ruth Jackson Eschenauer
Wed December 09, 2009
I just happened to see Mr. Baetkey's obit in the Oregonian and wondered if he was my old teacher. I knew it was him the moment I saw his picture - he had hardly changed! He was my teacher in either '72 or '73 at Oregon City high. I remember I was fond of skipping his mid-morning class to go have breakfast with my friends. He didn't say too much about it until he called me up one day and very calmly told me I would be getting a D if I didn't show up for every class until the end of the term. He was a pretty laid back guy but I knew he meant business. He was also saavy enough to know exactly the right way to get this rebellious little teenager's attention! I still sometimes have a dream where I panic that I am going to fail his class because I missed another day. God Bless You Mr. Baetkey.

Posted by: Susan Anderson Patch
Wed December 09, 2009
I am sorry for your loss and was sad to hear that Dave has passed on. God bless you.

Posted by: Larry P. Neville
Wed December 09, 2009
David & I were very good friends in high school and PSU. We used to spend evvery Saturday at "Sams Billiards" in Hollywood, shooting pool. I lost track of him after he moved out of the Portland area. I did speak with him shortly after his mom's passing. I told him I would look him up the next time I was in Pendelton, but it never happened. He was a great guy! I'm so sad I didn't see him this past year. Larry Neville

Posted by: Jaime Kissner
Wed December 09, 2009
Mr. Baetkey was not only a great teacher, but a great man. There are no words to explain what an exceptional human being he was. I can only hope that one day my children will have a teacher like Mr. Baetkey. Someone who is fair, motivational, inspirational, intelligent, caring, honest, and memorable. RIP Mr. Beatkey...or I should say Mr. Buttkey i know you are smiling from one of your favorie Soccer Boys 1998

Posted by: Bill Larson
Wed December 09, 2009
It seems like only yesterday we were playing ball and having good times, those were the GOOD old days....Cheers, Bill, Broncos, class of 63

Posted by: Randy Nelsen
Thu March 25, 2010
Before David died I wrote a lengthy e-mail to him that has been read by family members. I recounted many memories drawn from our friendship which goes back to high school when he befriended me as a newcomer to the school district. I had many close friends at Parkrose Senior High but David was my best friend back then and we managed to maintain contact through the years while living far away from each other. Here I just wanted to make public how often I have thought about him over the past four months and just how much, on a daily basis, I miss his friendship. I especially miss his wonderful, cynical, and dry sense of humor. Simply put, I just felt better and the world was a better place when I knew David Henry was with us. Again, condolences to family and friends, and Happy Trails Brother David

Posted by: Chris Petersen
Fri July 02, 2010
Mr. Baetkey was a major influence on my life, which is far better for having known him. I had always sort of felt like I cared about the vast and mysterious expanses beyond Pendleton, but his AP government class was the true catalyst for all subsequent attempts to understand the means by which this world works. I recall him as a man of style, dignity and tremendous good humor - the coiner of such classics as "Bay-hee Ledbetter" and "Feebler-than-most Joel." He is also the only person I've ever met whose handwriting was actually a font. I think of him often and am sad to learn that he has passed, far too young.